Smart Concrete™

Is Your Concrete Smart Enough? Angelle’s Is!

What if you could see the strength of your concrete measured in real time?

What if you had greater control over the concrete phase of your construction project?

Would having this information allow you to make better decisions and allow for greater efficiency?

What if you didn’t have to wait on your breaks to come back from a testing lab because you could have real time data on your smart phone?

Would it save you money if you could use this information to move quickly to another phase of the project?

How much does it cost you in equipment rental fees and unproductive labor costs to sit around and wait to break cylinders?

Introducing Smart ConcreteTM

The days of breaking field-cured samples to monitor concrete strength are behind us. Smart ConcreteTMis an efficient way to perform this measurement at the job site, giving you real-time readings to save you time and money.

Angelle’s Smart Concrete system gives you control over the variable that has hindered your work for too long: the accuracy and timeline of your concrete strength testing.

Smart Concrete will improve productivity because it’s easy to place and finish, can be monitored in real time, and gives you visibility and control over your concrete.

The Smart Concrete system is easy to use.


  • Step One: Select any concrete mix and Angelle’s team will calibrate your mix for maturity testing

  • Step Two:Install smart sensors within the formwork. Activating the sensors is as easy as tying the wires.

  • Step Three:Use the Smart Concrete mobile app to pair the sensor with your smart phone.

  • Step Four:Use the app to monitor the strength in real time. The app analyzes data from the sensors to instantly show concrete strength. The sensors’ rugged, waterproof design gives you readings up to four months after installation.

The Smart Concrete mobile app is free to install on Android and iOS smartphones. It offers you all the following:


  • Full PDF reports that include graphs, summaries, and pictures
  • Wireless sharing so off-site coworkers can use the data
  • Real-time temperature and strength readings
  • Better project scheduling
  • Earlier project completion
  • Lower costs
  • Fewer break tests


The Smart Concrete system for maturity measurement is based on ASTM C1074 standards, so it is accepted by ACI and the engineering community.

Think about all of the ways traditional "destructive” concrete sample testing impacts your schedule on a project:


  • You and your project are at the mercy of a third party testing facility to collect and break samples at various time intervals
  • Testing is cumbersome, and often there are delays in estimating strength in cold weather.
  • It's hard to recreate a job site’s temperature and environment in the lab, meaning results can vary from test to test even when everything is done correctly.
  • You have no control over how long the lab takes. Days after you pour, you could still be waiting for test cylinders to be broken so you can move on to the next phase of construction. Meanwhile, crews are standing around or being sent home until they can come back to work.



Smart Concrete is ideal for crews working on high-rise projects, post-tensioned concrete, fast track pavements, pavement repairs, and other industrial projects. You get the Smart Concrete mix, Smart Concrete sensors, mixture calibration, mobile app, and training — everything you need to gain more control over your jobs and your project timeline.

Smart Concrete is a technological innovation in the concrete industry unlike any we’ve seen in years, and it’s available exclusively through Angelle Materials.



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