Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is what established Angelle as a leader in the industry. One of the largest suppliers of ready-mix concrete in the Baton Rouge area, we have over 2,500 different mix designs in our system, each one designed to perform under different environmental conditions.

We know ready-mix concrete and we know how to make it work for you.

With seven batch plants, two mobile plants, and an ever-expanding fleet of front-discharge mixer trucks we have the infrastructure to successfully complete all your ready-mix projects, on-time and within budget.Our plant footprint is conveniently located near any project in the greater Baton Rouge area.  With our presence along the Mississippi River industrial corridor, Angelle is well positioned to tackle any industrial project regardless of size or location.

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Angelle supplies builders with material for foundations, roads, bridges and paving jobs as well as aggregates and architectural concrete. Angelle has been a leading Louisiana concrete supplier for decades because of its record of outstanding service.

Area contractors and builders also know Angelle for its advanced fleet of front discharge concrete trucks that provide significant improvements over conventional ready-mix concrete trucks. With a short wheel base and all-wheel drive these advanced trucks are more maneuverable both on and off the road.

Since drivers pull forward into job sites, visibility and safety improve considerably, eliminating the need for extra laborers to serve as a backup guide or to operate the discharge chute.

The driver controls water addition, chute position, and concrete discharge from inside the truck. The chutes on Angelle's front discharge units offer 23 feet of range compared to 12 feet for conventional trucks. And a 186-degree swing lets our drivers put the concrete where you need it without repositioning the truck.

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